Yes I'm jumping the fucking queue, bitch!

This is where I start with: I thought I heard it all. I was wrong.

Just a day or two ago, I was thinking about Theresa May and wondered that maybe I was being too harsh on her, that maybe I hated her too much. That maybe there was still a chance for redemption. After all, she is not the one that caused Brexit, is she.

Now, I know she is in a difficult position, I realise that. She inherited the mess made by David Cameron, who ran away like a coward after the referendum. She's being pushed from all sides. I get that.

My hatred for her stems more from her time she was a Home Secretary; she is the one that conceived the idea of a "Hostile Environment". As an EU citizen it didn't affect me, but that's not the point, racism is racism, xenophobia is xenophobia, it's not good for anybody--and besides it will soon start affecting me. When she took over as PM, immigration-obsessed as she is, she didn't make it easier for us. Instead of leaving us as we are (and on…

RIP Stan Lee

The Twelfth of November 2018 was a sad day for the world. This is the day we lost the great Stan Lee, who passed away at the age of 95. The writer, editor, publisher and Chairman Emeritus of Marvel, he co-created some of our favourite superhero characters such as Spider-Man, Iron Man, Black Panther, X-Men and countless others. He was also known for his cameo appearances in live action movies/TV series based on the comic books. Here I share with you the list of his cameos I made in my notebook.

Please note this list only includes the movies of Marvel Cinematic Universe. I made it while I was rewatching the movies in preparation for Avengers Infinity War.

Which is your favourite? 
I think the one I really laughed at most was Clubhouse DJ in the first Deadpool movie (which is not on this list) but out of these I would pick the FedEx delivery guy: "Are you Tony Stank?"
Rest in Peace, you legend.

Freedom of Movement Works Both Ways

It's not just EU nationals that can come to live and work in the UK. It works the other way round as well. British citizens are able to do the same in the EU countries. You'd think that's a good thing. Actually, it IS a good thing. It's just that the media and especially the disgusting tabloids have poisoned the atmosphere so much, it's thought of as a negative ("THEY ARE COMING TO STEAL OUR JOBS AND CLAIM BENEFITS, because of course having a job and claiming benefits at the same time totally happens). Remainers/EU supporters have to defend FOM everywhere they go to everyone.

I will never, ever understand this. Even the very phrase "Freedom of Movement" is loaded with positivity. There is nothing to hate about it. Nothing.

Say it with me again:

From the European Commission website:

Free movement of workers is a fundamental principle of the Treaty enshrined in Article 45 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union and developed by EU seconda…

People's Vote March, London - videos

I was there.

I made a post on my main blog about the march, check it out here, if you want. On this blog, that you're reading now, I will dedicate an entry for the videos I recorded.

I know it's not much (and I need to work on my recording video skills) but I hope they still give an idea of the huge-ness of the march. Happy viewing!

ETA: I should say that the first one was more about capturing the beauty of Hyde Park in autumnal sunshine but you can still see marchers going about.

Abandoned Shopping Carts

What is it with them?

Similarly you can ask what is it with me taking pics of them and it is a fair question. It's just what I do, I take photos of the most random things, mostly with my phone (and "serious" pictures with my camera). Though shopping trolleys aren't a favourite of mine--I prefer wheelbarrows. 
My area has a large Tesco superstore, so that's where these are from, but still it doesn't explain why they are left abandoned. I don't think any of these are still at the same locations, though, so someone probably took them back to the store. 

Why is Everyone so Obsessed with October?

Because this

And this

And this

And this

I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers. Anne of Green Gables
I quote this every year and nobody can stop me.
Enjoy the month!
All pics are mine.

Ebooks Appreciation

Hey there, so I decided today to share a post from my main blog to this blog. It's a simple copy and paste--more or less. I just left out  some references to my previous WordPress posts, which mean nothing here.
The link to the original post is here.
Note - all pictures posted here were taken by me. 

eBooks need some love. I’m fed up with the stupid comments about how eBooks will never be as good as “real books” and how you can’t really get immersed in an eBook and real books, nothing beats the smell of real books, realbooks, reAAAAALBOOKS waah waah waah! So, here I want to list my reasons why I LIKE eBooks. However, this is not a physical books versus eBooks article. It’s not a war and it’s actually possible to like both. It’s an eBook appreciation piece—nothing more, nothing less. Before I start, Disclaimer 1: I’m going to talk about Kindle eBooks, because that is the format I’m familiar with. Most of the main points should apply to other brands, but some of them m…

Cat wants to take notes

But can't write.

So she's just chilling instead.
Her name is Pepper by the way and she's been with me for five years.

Pineapple on Pizza

Apparently it's a subject that divides people, but I don't get it.
Don't like it? Don't eat it. Simple. 
Don't buy it and spend your money on something else. Preferably something you like. 
No need to be putting down people that do like a pineapple pizza. "The sort of people that like pineapple on their pizza" are just the sort of people that like pineapple on pizza, nothing more, nothing else. Worry about racists and homophobes instead, okay?

And yes, I know in my breakfast post I said I didn't like cereals and cornflakes (I don't actually know the difference between them), but 1. I didn't put down people that eat them, I just said I don't get it, 2. you don't hear/read anyone hatefully commenting about cereals and cornflakes and calling people who eat them names and 3. I promoted avocado toast, which has lately been subject to a lot of ridicule aimed at millennials, "liberals elites" something something woke or whatever (l…

Some Like a Tom

It looks like someone is enamoured with a Tom.

But the question is--which Tom?

And yes I know I probably missed a million others. And yes, I realise that apart from Morello they're all white (ok maybe Jones looks a bit orange). 
So, who's your favourite?
(Images of Toms from Wikipedia. The two images with graffiti tags are my own.)